SNS Nautical Services

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SNS Nautical Services is an organization that is conceptualized with the aim of addressing the constantly growing needs of the maritime industry. Estd. in the year 1998, it is one of the very few premier facilities that is recognized both nationally and internationally. It started with a maritime training insitute (SNS Maritime Institute) that eventually expanded into the other nautical feilds over the time. It is a proud enterprise that excels in imparting training to merchant navy aspirants and facilitating manning/management/maintenance of ships and installations.

In adjunct to the ongoing facilties, SNS Nautical Services has now ventured to be the first and the only one in India, providing on-board training and employment to cadets and deck ratings on their newly owned ship- "MV Lexicon". With the ever growing demands, SNS Nautical Services will keep providing new programmes and help generate better professionals for the shipping industry.  

Director's Message

"Maritime Industry has seen a significant amount of change in the past few decades. This industry forms one of the backbones of a country's progress and so, there is a constant demand of better and experienced members. The need of the hour led to the creation of a one stop destination for most maritime requirements, both for the companies and the students. It began with SNS Maritime Institute and soon, branched out into many other aspects of the shipping industry. Over the years, it has been recognized for its consistent performance and good training of the candidates globally. The steady progress of SNS Nautical Services has encouraged me and my entire faculty and staff to perform better and take up newer initiatives for the betterment of this industry.                                                                 

 Hardwork and determination truly have no substitutes. "


Capt. N.K. Basak

Capt. N.K. Basak has over twenty-five years of experience in the shipping industry. He is an expert in the field of training, management and chartering. He has more than five years of command experience in tankers. He has two years of experience in 'London Chartering Market' and was the CEO of 'Contship Container Line' in India. With five years of teaching experience in LBS CAMSAR for Mates and Master's classes and modular courses, he started SNS Maritime Institute for providing quality training to the officers and crew in the various STCW'95 Modular/Competency courses. He is on the panel of B.Sc. Nautical Degree course of BITS Pilani and of external examiners for mates and master's conducted by D.G.Shipping (Govt. of India).

He has written the course material and syllabus of RADAR, ARPA and Navigation. He has also written the revised syllabus for various STCW'95 and 2010 courses for International Maritime Organization (I.M.O.) of United Nations (U.N.) that is responsible for marine laws and regulations.