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The name ‘Lexicon’ is adapted from its Greek origin ‘lexikon’, which means book of words or a branch of knowledge. This initiative of creating a magazine for the medical fraternity couldn't be defined better. We aim to mark the epoch of the most sought after piece in Medical Journalism.

Lexicon is an initiative of “SRB Educational Trust” and is based in Mumbai. It is a bimonthly online magazine which features a broad spectrum of contents via its articles, initiatives, photographs and artwork. The magazine aims to serve the society and health care aspirants all over the world by, empowering the medical students in using their knowledge and capacities for the benefit of the society through the medium of literature.

SRB Yoga Centre is a state of art venue teaching traditional yoga for a healthy well being and prosperous mind. The yoga professionals are well qualified and certified by traditional schools of Yoga in the country.

The centre teaches the practice of various disciplines of yoga (asanas, pranayamas, kriyas etc.) in a way that you inculcate it as a part of your lifestyle. Traditional yoga also, includes the various lifestyle and dietary modifications to complement your body requirements. 

The classes are held four times a week (Monday to Thursday) for a duration of 1.5 hours.