SNS Nautical Services

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SNS Marine Services Pvt.Ltd. is registered with the registrar of companies and is a member of the Indian Merchants' Chamber. This division looks after manning,management and various activities related to the shipping industry. The aim of this division is to provide all the shipping services under the same roof. Some of them include, training the employees of motorboats, ferris, inland crafts for survival procedures, safety procedures, fire fighting, medical first aid, passenger welfare, maintenance of ships, containers, pipelines, oil rigs and platforms etc. With this, we help the ship owners meet the right crew by selecting the candidate, training them in STCW '95 and 2010 courses, prepare his CDC and match with the right jobs.



  • Manning contracts for shore establishment and oil rigs.
  • Maintenance contracts of off-shore and shore installation.
  • Crop and renewal of steel plates, pipe lines and valves.
  • Installation of general air compressors, air conditioning and refrigeration plants, blowers, separators, incinerators, osmosis and reversis osmosis systems.
  • Pressure testing of IMO gas tanks, chemical tanks, heat exchangers, valves etc.
  • Arranging and conducting non-destructive testing.
  • Complete refurbishing of barges and tugs as per the requirement of MMD/ Classifcation Society.
  • Maintenance of container and associated equipments.

Ongoing Projects

  • Providing skilled manpower to the various shipping companies, tugs, barges, supply vessels and oil rigs.
  • Technical management of ships, tugs, supply vessels; including- supplying of spare parts.
  • Consultancy on refurberishing of ships, barges and tugs; inclusive of re-engineering of the plant and machinery.
  • Insurance Surveys of Ships and Containers.
  • Chartering of ships/cargo.
  • Tank cleaning operations.
  • Crude Oil Storage tanks- Demucking and Desludging operation. (Upto the capacity of 2.2 lakh tons)
  • Transfer of sludges/ slops from various ships. (Upto the capacity of 8000 tons)
  • Crude Oil/ IMO Gas/ Chemical Tanker cleaning and pressure testing with compete safety procedure code.
  • Repairs of shipping tanks.
  • Installation of gas/diesel/HFO based power/ propulsion unit along with its associated systems. (Upto the capacity of 36,000 BHP)
  • Refurbishing of barges and tugs; including clearance from various agencies such as D.G. Shipping, MMD classification societies. 

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